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Second PictureThe KEØVH Hamshack for September/October 2016

Greetings all, a VERY busy couple of months with proofs to do and site visits to make before the onset of cold weather in Colorado. Plus, I now have a new hobby that is taking up some time, and actually has nothing to do with ham radio at this point.  I am now the proud owner of a beautiful 2006 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic LTD.  I have wanted to do this for a long time and my wife and I decided to start looking.  It has been a long year with the cancer treatments to getting the Denver HD project done and completed.  I had ridden a Honda 350 when I in my early 20’s, then getting married, having kids, work and life of course takes up all of your energies and mind!  Good things all of course, but now its time to think of some other fun things!  My wife and I are looking forward to cruising around the state visiting some of our beautiful scenery and locations in Colorado and around.  Earlier this year after finishing cancer treatments and getting back to speed I took a motorcycle training course, got my license endorsement, and then promptly got busy with work that needed to be done, and saving some money.  Then, about a month or so ago started looking and found a beautiful motorcycle.  By the way, this is the best time of year to look as many many bikes are for sale.


KE0VH and his girl on the Vulcan

And by the way, always when riding use ALL THE GEAR ALL THE TIME! Before she and I take off together, I am going to practice practice practice.  At least a thousand miles before she rides with me.  Gotta get used to doing everything safely before carrying precious cargo believe me!




And, actually a couple of new things on the Ham Radio horizon right now, still operating the net on Monday nights, and I have made a couple of new ham radio friends in the past month. I am looking forward to “elmering” Steve, K0TTT who I met at a family picnic at Little Sisters of the Poor where my wife works during a family picnic there.  He asked me for help in setting up his stations and basically helping him get on the air.  I am looking forward to do that.  I have also become part of the SBE mentoring program so I am expecting a call from someone that maybe I can help out in future.  Please, anytime that you get the opportunity to help a “newby”, please do so.  I will be reporting on both of these in the future!


SEEN IN THE OFFICE of my friend Ray, AA0L!


That’s an engineer for ya!



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73’ & God be with you. See you next time! De KEØVH