The KEØVH Hamshack For  March 2014

By Jack Roland, CBRE, AMD and CBNT

KLove /Air 1 EMF Colorado Engineering.


Greetings all! When last we left our story, the KEØVH Hamshack rebuild was underway.  It has since been completed (as far as the Hamshack part goes) and is operating.  I had lots of fun the weekend of 3/1-2 operating the ARRL DX contest.  I worked 20-25 countries in one weekend, including Guam and Luxembourg which are new ones for me (yep I will send off for the QSL’s).  A couple of weeks of work has the shack in the shape I needed and wanted for ease of operations.  I will be hanging pictures and maps and such here soon, but here is the progression of the “construction” phase since last month’s article.





Constructing the framework and desktop








Setting up the shelves, mounting the computer (under table left side), and setting up the racks on and under the right side.



Continuing on and almost ready to operate




Operating the ARLL DX Contest March 1-2,  bookshelves and setup complete


At this time the audio gear isn’t wired up to punch blocks underneath the table and the SB-200 amplifier AC power hasn’t been hooked up yet.  The shelves on the desk are on tracks that allow the whole assembly to come forward for access to the back of the rigs and wiring, and the ground buss is assembled on the backside of the shelves too.  Really about like I have always wanted it.  The coaxes are routed behind the paneling as is the station ground strap.  The really nice thing is that the room is open and airy, my wife has plenty of room for laundry and her storage (she has been working HARD for the past month sorting, trashing, shredding, and getting stuff ready for donations from 30 years of raising children and family accumulations). 


This month on March 30th if you are in the Denver area, you should check out the Vintage Voltage Expo at the Ramada Plaza at I-25 and 120th Avenue.  I will be sending out an email with all the information from last year’s show this month.  If you are interested in more information let me know!


The Best Amateur Radio Vintage Voltage Music market EVER!


I would like to say congratulations and way to go to Skyler, KDØWHB.  He is 15 years old, and has just upgraded to Extra Class!  Skyler has also taken on the reboot of the AMSAT (Amateur Satellite) net here in the Denver area.  The net had been canceled awhile back and hasn’t been on the air for quite some time.  Skyler and another young ham friend of his are spearheading the net and here is the schedule locally here in Colorado:

The net meets

-7:00PM MST on the 146.940 and 449.825 locally

-Also linked to Boone, Pueblo, Pueblo West, Canon City, Cotopaxi and Salida Through all-star nodes  28298, 28299, or 29436, which can be accessed by the all-star web transceiver

-We currently do not have IRLP capability


The Colorado Amateur Satellite net meets at 7:00 PM Mountain Standard Time locally on the 146.940 and 448.825 repeaters, also connected to all-star nodes 28298, 28299, or 29436. Here, we discuss anything that has to do with amateur satellites, the international space station communication, and more. Weather you have a lot of experience working amateur satellites, or new to it, and just want to learn, anyone is welcome to join. 

FOR SALE, a trailer capable of carrying OHV’s or snowmobiles, or other purposes!  Great toolbox, ramp, spare tire.  Let me know if interested!



As always don’t forget the SBE IRLP (and Echolink) Hamnet, the first Saturday of the month.  AND the EMF Hamnet now is the same manner on every Monday evening at 7pm Mountain time for radio discussions, both broadcast engineering and Amateur radio.  Details on how to join are at  I hope you will be able to join us and share your engineering and ham exploits!

73’, God be with you, & see you next time!  KEØVH