JUNE 2020

Greetings all, happy Summer and June! Even with the Covid virus still among us, let’s think about others and the possibility that we could possibly encounter it and even carry it to those whom it could be really bad news. I am approaching 60 in September, have had cancer (emphasis on the “HAVE HAD”, thank the LORD!) in the past and am entering the age group of higher risk. I am still wearing a mask around others out in public and will continue to do so until they come up with the vaccine. Let’s really care about those around us and help keep us ALL safe!
Just a personal note.
SO MANY things to write about and update you on about the SkyHubLink System. (www.skyhublink.com)
As of this writing, I would like to emphasize the following about protocols that I have been asked about regarding operations on the SkyHubLink system repeaters. From the webpage:
IMPORTANT OPERATING PROTOCOLS & PROCEDURES. We ask that as you are using the system on one of the associated repeaters that due to digital linking, please leave a 5 second space between transmissions to allow someone on another mode or repeater to be able to break in. It also helps if you hold your PTT key for about a half second after you speak your last syllable, so that you won’t be “cut off” with your last word. Ask frequently if there is anyone else who would like to break in or join the conversation. Being too tight with the PTT can exclude someone trying to get in from another mode. Don’t be quick on the PTT trigger as it were, or others may not be able to join in. While we encourage longer fun rag chews on the system, but it is important to observe this operating practice to allow others to join in or in case of any urgent or emergency traffic from another mode. AND, if you have more than 2 people it is really important to set up rotations of operators so that digital collisions and no one being heard won’t be a problem.
ALSO, it is very important that you do not “KERCHUNK” the repeaters on the system. This causes issues with the BRANDMEISTER DMR links and will lock out the DMR system which is bridged into the AllStar system. Please do a full call and ask for a radio check if you are testing or just simply want to check if you are “making the repeater”. The DMR and Fusion repeaters have virtually no squelch tail to hear. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Now we on the air with the 446.275 Simplex node on the NØAMY (Tony) YSF Reflector 92722 in Colorado Springs full time on the SkyHubLink. It covers the central part of Colorado Springs very well as you can start hearing it on Monument hill on I-25, and we are going to drive the signal as we can to determine full coverage at this time.


NØAMY’s node antennas for UHF and VHF, the control point for all, and his AMAZING monitoring rack for just about all frequencies and modes! WOW! GREAT STUFF TONY!



The NØAMY front yard TOWER (YES, the tower lights work!) and the 446.275 Raspberry Pi/MMDVM Pi-Star setup with the Motorola MCS-2000 data radio comprising the node for Colorado Springs on YSF 92722 US SkyHub Denver SkyHubLink. So, when in Colorado Springs get on the node when you can!
Myself, Mark NØXRX, and Lee NØVRD have now put 448.400 on the air from just NW of Parker Road and I-225 in Aurora on the allocation of the coordinated frequency that our good friend Cliff NØZUQ had on the air for a long time, but has been silent now for several years as Cliff lives in Colorado Springs and hasn’t been able to look after the system. So essentially I took it over with his blessing, and re-coordinated the frequency pair to the with the CCARC (Colorado Council of Amateur Radio Clubs Frequency Coordination Database)( https://coordination.ccarc.net/cgi-bin/ccarc/main) Then I got together to put it back on air along with my aforementioned buddies with a Yaesu DR-2X repeater to cover the southern area and east where we weren’t solid with the other repeaters. We spent a Saturday putting together the antenna and mounts and getting the repeater in a rack having a great time! It was a VERY windy day and a front that later that afternoon brought in some pretty heavy thunderstorms, so we got the work done with time to spare. Matt KEØLNU way up in Coal Creek Canyon, about 33 or so miles directly to the NW of Golden helped us test and was able to successfully get into the repeater from his QTH on an omni directional antenna. We are putting out 50 watts TPO to the Diamond X50 antenna about 165 feet or so above the ground on the 12-story building. So far as tested it has great coverage to the east, northeast, and even west along C-470. We still have coverage testing to do for other directions, and I could also get on it north of Denver on hilltops along I-25 when driving to Cheyenne one day. We are still working on the linking system as it will be connected via an internet link directly to 448.350 on the west side of town using the Yaesu IMRS (Internet Multi Repeater Site) linking functions. Since 448.350 is using an FTM-100 node radio to connect to the SkyHubLink Wires-X room 46361, this will allow both repeaters to still connect to the rest of the SkyHubLink as you cannot use an HRI-200 Wires-X controller and IMRS on the repeaters simultaneously. Here are some pictures from the site and the work done to get the system on the air!

The Yaesu DR-2 X repeater and filter system rack (along with an audio processor and Nautel VS1 that the broadcast facility uses for backup. Mark NØXRX and Lee NØVRD admiring their handiwork!


Jack KEØVH assembling the Diamond X-50 repeater antenna, and getting the coax and antenna mount ready on the roof

Mounting the antenna, securing and weather sealing the coax connectors and polyphaser, Jack and Lee left. Lee and Mark on the right.

The antenna and mount pole final mounting and looking north from the roof after final assembly

The repeater is in Fusion digital mode only. We will announce via the email list when the final connection is made, and the repeater is on the SkyHubLink. By the way, this one will not be Wires-X steerable. It will be locked into SkyHubLink as its parent repeater 448.350 KDØSSP is. For those of you who want to operate on other Wires-X rooms remember 449.600 NØPUF/R on Warren Mountain serving the south metro area and 449.625 KEØVH/R on Lookout Mountain serving north and northeast are steerable to other Wires-X rooms. HAVE FUN! OPERATE and use the system!
Mark NØXRX and Matt KEØLNU have had some interesting projects going on recently that I wanted to share here in the “Hamshack”! First Mark has been working on a mobile ham station in a trailer that has morphed into his office space at home during the “stay at home” times we all have experienced. His trailer is air conditioned or heated depending on the need and can do the dual function with ease and comfort. This is a developing story, so stay tuned as we are looking forward to further developments and hey Mark, lets head out for field day one day soon brotherman!

Mark NØXRX, the trailer, and below the hamshack/office inside

The equipment wiring and rack at the rear of the interior, and the front with cabinet space and “workbench”

And onward to Matt KEØLNU’s Jeep and ham radio project. Matt is getting ready to do some 4-wheelin’ with ham radio onboard of course. He is using his Kenwood G-707 dual band mobile rig cleverly mounted in the jeep above head and control head in good view. GREAT JOB MATT!

KEØLNU Ready for some adventurin’ in Colorado!

The Kenwood G-707 dual bander control head on the dash

KE0LNU’s G-707 radio is mounted in the box above left. In the right-hand picture, you can see the copper wire making up his antenna for reception of broadcast stations for the Jeep. Rather clever, I think! Great job Matt!

Summertime on the backyard patio at my QTH is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable things that I love. The Monday Night SBE/SkyHubLink net there is a fun and pleasant time for me during the summer. This year, I have my backup/extra Yaesu FTM-400 that see duty when I set up and test emergency generator, power supply, radio and I-Pad out on the table. Running the NET from there is something I will be doing a lot of this summer for sure! I can monitor both the Fusion 448.350 and analog 449.450 repeaters easily this way.

The Ryobi Generator powering the operation, and the converted server power supply for the radio

The mobile antenna on the grill shelf and checking in Barry NØTLE into the NET from Missouri. Barry is on a DMR hotspot in Ulrich Missouri on the SkyHubLink DMR Talkgroup 310847

And there’s Jeremy N6JER checking in via hotspot, and AK6OK Jeff, on the K6IOK repeater in Auburn.
Both in Rocklin CA, note the mileage to the stations from KEØVH. Another feature of Fusion equipped radios.

Hey maybe my good friend John Bissett at RadioWorld would like this for his Workbench article. Need a cap for an NMO mount without an antenna, check out this idea!

1. Drink the Gatorade. 2. Take some electrical tape and make a cap for the NMO mount! 😉 3. AHHH!
Finally, this month, while watching a movie on NETFLIX (I forgot what at this time) I saw this old VERY RARE Bomber version of a Zenith Transoceanic Model 7G605, circa 1942. Beautiful examples like this movie prop are extremely rare in such condition and just rare anyway, plus commanding a high price. Great movie prop for a period movie for sure. Snapped the picture off my TV while viewing the movie.


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SBE Chapter 73’ of the Air SkyHubLink HAMnet

The SBE Chapter 73 of the Air SkyHubLink Hamnet is tonight (Monday) at 9 p.m. ET (6 p.m. PT) worldwide via
1. Allstar node 46079, tied into repeaters all over Colorado, see www.skyhublink.com/status or link in via your local AllStar repeater. Email or call Jack KE0VH for details on how to.
2. Echolink W0SKY-L, node 985839 (available via computer and radio)
3. Via Yaesu FUSION Wires-X Room “SkyHubLink” 46361.
4. With a HOTSPOT on YSF00002 YSF to DMR for DMR radio’s set to talkgroup 310847.
5. With a Hotspot node number YSF92722 The US SKYHUB.
6. Locally in Denver on 449.450 Analog pl 103.5.
7. Locally in Denver on the Fusion Repeaters 448.350 KDØSSP/R, 449.625 KEØVH/R and 449.600 NØPUF/R, OR WORLDWIDE linked to WiresX room “SkyhubLink” room 46361.
8. Locally in Denver ON DMR 449.750 KI0GO/R, Timeslot 1, Talkgroup 310847.
9. Locally in Colorado Springs on Fusion YSF Simplex node 446.275

You can listen on the LIVE STREAM thru Broadcastify at:
or https://hose.brandmeister.network/group/310847/
If you listen on the live stream text Jack at 303-704-3290 during NET time and you will added to the check in list.

We hope you’ll join us.

See the latest edition of “The KE0VH Hamshack” for more information at www.ke0vh.com.
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