In October we held a general election for our local SBE chapter. To be honest, I don’t remember the last time we held one. Jack Roland let me know he wanted to step down as chapter chairman and instead of just appointing a new person we did the election. Terms are November 1-November 1 each year. I was elected as your chairman, Daniel Hyatt joins us as the vice chairman and Bill Harris will remain our secretary/treasurer.  I look forward to serving the chapter over the upcoming year.

Christmas is now less than a month away.  For some of us that means it’s slow season.  No major projects on the schedule. It’s a good time to finish the year strong, tidying things up, doing some regular maintenance. For Crawford in Denver, the unusually warm weather and lack of snow means we have some extra time for outdoor work. ATU’s will be cleaned up, all tower fencing checked and repaired as needed, and for one site canal maintenance. While the lack of snow is concerning, especially for the mountains, I am enjoying it.

I look forward to January.  We have been working hard to get some good content for our meetings. January will be on Surviving Remote Broadcasting During a Pandemic. We will continue doing meetings online for the foreseeable future. We record those meetings and post to our YouTube channel. You can view the channel here. Check our website for updates and sign up for our e-mails. This is the best way to get info on future meetings.

I pray you have a safe rest of the holiday season. We will see you in January!