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September 20, 2023 Meeting-Mark Johnson from LinkUp Communications

Mark Johnson joins us to discuss a wrap-up of the C-band repack.

With the last few months of the process of co-locating 5G with C-band Mark will give a status report on SES and Intelsat’s efforts and will also touch of the more interesting “5G related” things we’ve seen in the field.
Mark will also talk a bit about LinkUp’s network ops center in Englewood and our company’s transition into the managing the facility.


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SBE Ham Net

The SBE Chapter 73’ of the Air HAM RADIO REPEATER NET, hosted on the SkyHubLink.com repeater system will be the 4th Thursday of the month at 7pm Mountain time, 9pm Eastern.

This net will be utilizing digital and analog utilizing repeaters and other methods of linking amateur radio via the internet.

Randall Jones, AE7RJ and Jack Roland, KE0VH will be net controls.

Email ke0vh@outlook.com for more information, or see the “NETS” page at SkyHubLink.com.

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